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Standards of Learning (SOL) 

Writing SOL Notification 

From:               Lewis High School

Sent to:           Parents/Guardians of Students in English 11

Subject:          Writing SOL dates and Flexibility

High school students who are currently enrolled in English 11 course will need to take the SOL end-of-course (EOC) writing test.

The Writing SOL test consists of two components: multiple-choice (MC) and short paper (SP). Typically, these components are administered online and on different days. So, the students will come to school on two days, but will be here for shorter time. Buses and meals will be provided.

Writing SOL dates-

March 15- Multiple Choice

March 22- Short Paper

State Flexibility Options  

The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) has extended two types of flexibility for SOL Writing assessments this spring.

  • You may want your student to take both components of the SOL writing test (multiple choice and short paper) in a single day. So, the student will be coming to school only one day but will be here for longer time.
  • If your family is uncomfortable having your student come to school to participate in this assessment at this time, you may choose to defer the test until 2021-2022 ONLY if your student is NOT graduating by August 2021.

Input Form for Writing SOL-


We ask that you please complete this form by Friday, 2/28/21, to inform us about your intent to test and pertinent scheduling information.

For questions about Writing SOL, contact our assessment coach, Mrs. Kj Sachdeva, at @email

Thank you for your time.

Final Exams

  • Final Exam Schedule will be posted once it is finalized.


For Questions, please contact the following coordinators.

ASVAB- Ms. Carla Mcllnay Shaw @email

IB Coordinator- Mr. Mar Acevedo @email

AP Coordinator- Ms. Kj Sachdeva @email

SOLs and any other testing- Ms. Kj Sachdeva @email