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Rachael Altekruse
Orchestra Director, HS
Performing Arts Department Chair

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  • Through performance, practical experience and understanding, all students will gain a strong appreciation for the perseverance, time and effort needed to achieve success in musical endeavors. Through this experience, the students will gain insight and learn methods of success.
  • The department will provide a place for every student regardless of development, age or degree of talent. The Music Department will be challenging, healthy musical environment in which students can grow. The Music Department reflects a student population that includes all minorities, encouraging teamwork and mature social behavior among all students.


  • Students explore many phases of Theatre Arts through reading, viewing, and participating in theatre experiences. Activities include the study of dramatic literature from various historical periods, the fundamentals of acting and stagecraft, the basic principles of improvisation and oral interpretation, and elements of playwriting. Emphasis on individual study units may vary, depending on the needs of the students. 
  • Students will serve as directors or stage managers, demonstrate artistic competence in acting and staging, and learn the basics of theatre management.