Global Classroom Project

What is the Global Classroom Project?

Elementary, middle, and high schools throughout Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) participate in the Global Classroom Project, which provides an opportunity for students to work with peers from around the world on authentic tasks and challenges. 

As part of the Global Classroom Project, schools select a Sustainable Development Goal from among 17 goals established by the United Nations as a blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet. 

Throughout the Global Classroom Project, students also learn attributes of Portrait of a Graduate, which prioritizes the development of skills that will empower FCPS students to be productive citizens of a global community and successful in the workforce of the future. 


Project 1

Grade: 11th

Partner Country: France

Content Focus:  Social Studies

Sustainable Development Goal: UN Sustainable Goal 5

FCPS Portrait of a Graduate Attributes: Communicator and Collaborator

Partnership Description: Students will collaborate with peers from France on authentic tasks and challenges through a variety of learning opportunities.  Students will also develop the knowledge, skills and behaviors to tackle UN Sustainable Goal 5. 


Project 2

Grade: 9th and 10th

Partner Country: Poland

Content Focus:  English Language Development

Sustainable Development Goal: UN Sustainable Goals 1 and 2

FCPS Portrait of a Graduate Attributes: Communicator and Collaborator

Partnership Description: J.R. Lewis High School students will be collaborating with High School students in Poland (Liceum Imienia Stefana Zeromskiego) who are studying English as a second language. The goal is to improve reading, writing, listening and speaking skills through meaningful projects while contributing to our communities and while taking actions to address global problems. The secondary goal is to raise students’ awareness of global issues and build leadership skills so students will be motivated to take future actions that can turn their vision for positive change into reality.

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