Social Studies

Geography, Government, History

Heather Kunicki
Hist & Soc Studies Tchr, HS
Social Studies Department Chair

Social Studies Department Staff


The Social Studies Department offers exciting opportunities to meet students academic needs and to prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century. These courses help young people to assume the responsibilities for participation in a democracy and to appreciate the contributions of other cultures. Moreover, these courses, through active participation, help students develop the skills they need to shape their future through active participation. For example, students volunteer their time in Virginia and U.S. Government and organize their own company in Economics.

The Social Studies Department offers a wide variety of courses which meet Virginia's core curriculum requirements as well as the requirements of the IB program. Several elective course are also offered.


Useful Social Studies Websites

Here is a list of web sites that the Social Studies department uses on a regular basis. The links below are used regularly in the Social Studies department and may be useful to our students outside of the classroom.


CNN Student News

This daily news broadcast, produced by CNN, provides students with a 10 minute overview of the daily news as well as other current events.



This web site is useful in helping students work with citations and helps clear up any unknown plagiarism issues.

Rising Freshmen Social Studies Course Offerings

Current Students Social Studies Course Offerings