Standardized Testing Information


PSAT 10 Test Available To Sophomores Only

More testing information will be shared as it is made available. Testing information is also available on FCPS Public page


WIDA Testing at Lewis HS- We will start WIDA testing on February 1st. All students will receive their WIDA testing schedule via their school emails. Please pay attention to the emails with WIDA in the subject line. If you have any question, feel free to email our assessment coach, Mrs, Kj Sachdeva at @email, or ESOL department chair, Mrs. Molly Paolicelli at @email

 Federal Guidance

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) of 2015 requires an annual ELP assessment be administered to all students identified as ELs in grades K-12 ELP levels 1-5 and 9). ELs whose parents/guardians have refused ESOL services are still required by federal law to participate in the annual assessment. The purpose of assessment for all ELs to determine their ELP level and to demonstrate progress towards English proficiency.

  • What is WIDA? A test to measure English language proficiency to determine what kinds of supports English language learner students may need. WIDA test is a federal requirement for students with ELP level 1-4.

·         Why is my child scheduled to take the WIDA test? When your child was enrolled in public school, you indicated that another language besides English is spoken in your home. And your child has ELP level 1-4.

  • Do the students with ELP levels 1-4 need to take it each year?

      WIDA ACCESS for ELLs® 2.0 is administered annually to all English learners (ELs) with an English language proficiency (ELP) levels of 1-4 in grades Kindergarten through 12 until you reach the criteria for ELP level 6 and are designated English proficient. WIDA test has four components-Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Students are required to take all four components.

·         How long is the test? The test is given on two different days. Each day, the student takes two parts (Day 1=Reading & Listening; Day 2=Writing & Speaking). Each day, students will test for about 90-120 minutes. Students may have additional time if they need it. 

·         What supports can English language learners receive if they take the WIDA test? Supports like dictionaries on SOL tests, extra time on assessments, and being able to have test questions read aloud are some of the supports available to students who take the WIDA tests and score below a 4. Some students also may be assigned classes that are taught by an ESOL teacher or in English Language Development class if their scores show they would benefit from extra help as they learn English.

·         When will we have our child’s score? Scores will be mailed to parents over the summer.

·         What happens if my child doesn’t take the test? Students who do not take the test this year will need to take the test next year to ensure they have a correct score. We must report our absent students to Virginia state. Please let us know the reason for your child’s absence, so that we can accurately report information about our absent students.

  • What do my child need to do to prepare for WIDA? There is no special preparation needed for WIDA. But you may access WIDA Practice and Sample Items on this site- And click on Test Practice under ACCESS FOR ELLs


  • Health and Safety Protocols- A public webpage is available to understand the health and safety protocols followed during testing at school.