About Us

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Our Mission 

  • We will prepare students to be global citizens for the 21st century by challenging them academically (Rigor), by connecting school learning to their future (Relevance), and providing a safe, supportive and nurturing environment (Relationships).

Our Beliefs

Faculty, staff, students and community members believe:

  • all students can learn
  • collaboration among staff, parents, and community promotes academic excellence
  • diversity enhances the learning experience
  • successful high school experience leads to an improved quality of life
  • students learn in different ways
  • assessment of student learning is crucial to a dynamic instructional program
  • parent participation is a key factor in student success
  • professional development contributes to successful learning
  • in the value of a continuous process of school improvement
  • in a safe and secure school environment

FCPS Student Rights and Responsibilities

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Lewis High School is a part of Region 3

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