Lewis Staff Spotlight - Becca Greger

Staff Member Spotlight
December 15, 2020

IBeccan this week's Staff Member Spotlight, we feature Becca Greger.  Ms. Greger  is our Head Athletic Trainer who not only helps our student-athletes manage their injuries, but she has gone above and beyond during this pandemic in helping our activities get off to a great start!

Staff Member: Becca Greger

Department: Activities

Years at Lewis HS: 4

What makes teaching at Lewis so great? One of my favorite things about working at the school is being able to help treat the athletes and aid them to recovery. Whether it is on the field or the court seeing an athlete return back to the sport they love following an injury is always rewarding.

Favorite Inspirational Quote: 

“In order to move forward in life take the experiences from your past and use them as stepping blocks…to reach your new goals and dreams. Don’t let your past hold you back-learn from [it] and use it to help you further your future. Be who you are now, and not who you used to

Hobbies/Interests: Running, finding new recipes to make, and hiking with my pup!

Thanks Ms. Greger-We are so glad you are a part of our Lancer Nation Family!