Lewis Reads! Summer Reading Program


We are thrilled to share information about the Lewis Reads! summer reading program.  We will be able to offer 1 free book for every rising Lancer who would like to participate.  

The goal of the Lewis Reads! is to encourage a love of reading and build community.  

  • Students, faculty & staff who choose to participate will:
    • Select one of the highly engaging  nonfiction book to read
    • Make a commitment to reading the book over the summer
    • Receive a free copy of the book before the end of the school year
  • In September faculty & staff will meet with the students who selected the same book for a low-key, community building discussion of the book while enjoying a snack (coffee and donuts).
  • Our hope is that students will share the book they selected with their family and this will become an opportunity to encourage a love of reading both in school and at home.
  • Suggestions:
    • Ask your student about why they selected that title
    • Ask for reading updates this summer
    • Consider reading together, either aloud or borrowing your student’s book

Over 40 teachers and staff have signed up to be lead readers.  

Starting May 16th students will come to the library with their English class to “shop” for the book that they would like to read.  

Lewis Reads