COVID Protocols For SAT Testing on 10/2




Lewis High School will be following all health protocols required by the state of Virginia, Fairfax County, and College Board.  Please be aware of the following protocols prior to arriving to test on October 2nd:


  • Masks will be required, at all times, for both testers and SAT staff.


  • Testing rooms will have twenty (20) testers per room.  Desks will be spaced apart by three (3) feet.  Testers will be strongly encouraged to maintain social distancing at all other times (e.g., building entry/exit, bathroom breaks).


  • Regarding building entry:


  • Upon exiting their automobiles, testers will begin to form into one of three available lines to enter the building through the main entrance at the front of Lewis’s building.  Parents/guardians must remain in their cars.


  • While still outside in line, testers will next read aloud a series of five health statements required by the College Board.  They will silently read the statements (to themselves) to an SAT staffer, who will be holding a poster with the statements on it.  No tester will be permitted into the building without having completed and agreed to these statements.  Here are the five statements to which a tester must agree:


  • You do not have covid-19 or reason to believe you have covid-19. Symptoms of covid-19 include cough, fever, chills, muscle pain, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell.
  • You agree to wear a mask the entire time you're at this test site.
  • You agree to follow the health and safety guidelines in place in this test site as instructed by testing staff. NOTE: Testing staff will follow the most stringent guidelines in effect for this site.
  • By entering the testing room, you’re accepting the risk of covid-19 exposure. While we have taken measures to help create a safe environment, unfortunately it isn’t possible to remove all risk.


  • Testers will then enter the building and find their room assignment at lobby tables with rosters on them.  Testers should be prepared to give SAT staff their last name.  Students with extra time accommodations should say this, to help staff locate their testing room.  


  • Finally, testers will then quickly be directed to their assigned testing room.


  • Regarding testing rooms:


  • As always, before testers can be allowed into their assigned testing room, they must provide two pieces of identification to the Room Proctor -- their printed Testing Ticket, and a valid ID of some kind (please check here concerning allowable and not allowable forms of identification).




  • A printed Testing Ticket, printed from College Board’s website --  students may NOT use a Testing Ticket that’s on their phone!


  • A valid photo ID (again, see the link above to determine if your ID is acceptable or not)


  • Testers should do everything they can to have their identification ready when they arrive at their testing room, so they can move into the room quickly and help avoid testers clustering around a test room door.


  • Students must temporarily pull their masks down during center and room check-in, pulling them away from their face for ID verification.  Efforts will be made to ensure students stand an appropriate distance away from the staff admitting students to the room.


  • Each testing room will have a container of hand sanitizer available.


  • Paper bags will be provided for testers to place their electronic devices in -- the tester will label his/her own bag, then place it into a bin during the test -- this way,  SAT staff do not need to handle tester devices.


  • Regarding breaks between testing sections:


  • Breaks will be extended, to give testers time to use the restroom, etc. without having to cluster around bathroom entrances -- for example, what would normally be a five-minute break will be extended to a ten-minute break.


  • Hall Monitors will be moving about the hallways to do all they can to encourage testers not to cluster together, and to move back into their testing room as quickly as possible.


  • Regarding student dismissal:


  • Once testers in a particular testing room have finished, the Room Proctor will dismiss them -- testers must then move quickly to exit the building through the same entrance they entered earlier that morning.